Expired Statistics

Here are some statistics on Expired listings:

  • Only 28% will re-list with their current agent
  • 35% will leave their home off the market for a month or more (Statistics indicate that most of these will re-list with another agent within 90 days)
  • 37% will re-list with a new agent within 30 days
  • Over 70% chance YOU can get the listing
  • Most that re-list will do so with the 1st or 2nd agent that contacts them

(Source: The RedX)

Some facts related to Mojo:

  • Most agents do not leave a message when they call because it takes too long and doesn’t produce enough of a result to justify it. Mojo lets you leave a pre-recorded message specific to Expireds. Odds are that you are probably the only agent leaving a message. And there is a 5-7% average of homeowners that call back.  The chance of getting a 5-7% return on something that takes almost no time to do makes leaving a message valuable.
  • Most agents only call these Expireds on a daily basis for the first week it is off the market. With Mojo, you can keep trying the number for longer because it only takes a fraction of the time to call. You can call those leads every day for 90 days without wasting any time.
  • If you had 50 Expireds to call, it would take up most of your morning and you would only try calling the list once a day. With Mojo, you can call through the list in 15 minutes and you can call it multiple times per day. The more times you call, the better your chances of making contact.

So you can just go for the low hanging fruit or actually work your Expireds list to its fullest. With 35% leaving their home off the market for a month or more, why not be the only agent still calling them? With Mojo, very little effort is required on your end so your Expireds list is more valuable to your business. Mojo lets you prospect better than before because it doesn’t waste your time.