Easy Calling Modes Take The Confusion Out of Prospecting

Real Estate Prospecting made easy
Real Estate prospecting has never been easier than with the Mojo Dialer. Our custom, automated dialing modes are a perfect fit for anyone calling off-market, FSBO, JL/JS and Sphere data.

Call reluctance is the #1 blocker of agents prospecting for business on the phone. Call reluctance has many roots, from the fear of rejection to the unfamiliarity of the technology being used. Long ago, we found that working close with our clients, that simplifying dialing logic,  and creating an easy to understand user interface, helped reduce the reluctance caused by technology.

Last year, after surveying our customers and ‘picking their brains’ on support calls, we found another area we could improve on to make things easier for them, and to greatly reduce the reluctance they had to calling. It became clear, that even though we had well thought out dialing logic and dialing filters, they still required more automation to be completely comfortable with using Mojo. We have customers with a variety of needs, not just based on their industry, but also the types of leads they are calling. Let’s take a look at the issues they communicated to us before we point out the solution.

1. Agents were concerned with dialing the same people over and over when they would end a call session partly through a calling list, and then resumed dialing the next day. They needed a way to call from where they last left off, but also take in to account freshly imported/posted, time sensitive data. This logic has its challenges when considering real estate prospecting and how some of our partner vendors post data, but you’ll read later how we overcome the challenges and perfected what was already the real estate industries #1 real estate dialer. 

2. Agents also told us that sometimes, they don’t care about the age of the lead, or where they last left off, they just want to dial the lists from top to bottom. We found that an agent who has taken a hiatus from prospecting, will typically want to use this logic when dialing their lists because they have the opportunity to hit all the leads again, making a fresh attempt at reaching them on the phone. Again, we’ve always had this ability, but it was challenging to set up due to the filters needed to make this work.

3. Agents wanted the ability to dial any and all data based on multiple metrics, with pinpoint accuracy so they could completely saturate their lists based on their own dialing logic. We had requests for the ability to prioritize off market data based on expired or off market date, so agents could make the best use of their prospecting time. We had agents ask for the ability to match our dialing logic with their goals of contacting, not just calling, their SOI and past clients in the time frame they specify.

Our team of developers and engineers took a hard look at the needs our customers presented us, and they came up with the easiest, most robust, most intelligent user specified calling logic available, and appropriately called it: Easy Calling Mode.

Our three Easy Calling Modes enable our customers to define how they want to dial, using completely thought out and automated modes. For example, ‘Call this list from where I last left off starting with new leads first’ is easily the most popular mode for real estate prospecting where agents are calling off-market data. The issue with off market data is it is hottest when it is new, and cools of quickly as days go by. So we needed to come up with this mode to solve the issue: How do agents make sure they saturate and call through a list, and still call the newest data first? Using this mode, real estate agents are assured that they will always call through the most recent off market leads before they begin dialing where they left off previously.

Heck, if you want to make sure you CONTACT each of your SOI every quarter, we even have a mode ensuring you only dial folks you haven’t spoken to in the current quarter, saving you valuable time and helping you reach your touch goals. How slick is that?

Bottom-line, Mojo customers spend virtually NO time managing calling lists or their data, Mojo’s exclusive Easy Calling Mode and our many dialing filters do all the work for them, keeping them on target doing what they do best, pitching and building relationships.