Call reluctance tips from Mojo Dialer pro’s

Call Reluctance is the number one reason agents give for not prospecting. It can be easy to get bogged down in the challenges, roadblocks and fears we build up around prospecting. We reached out to three of Real Estate’s top professionals to get a few tips to help you get you past it.

Accepting ‘No’ and moving on

Mojo Dialer prospecting tips

What if you start prospecting using the Mojo Dialer and everyone says no? What if no one wants what you’re selling? What if they laugh, swear, scream at you?

This fear of rejection is by far the biggest reason for call reluctance. And the only way to overcome it is by accepting this fact: they are not rejecting you. They are rejecting a service. If you can accept that, the no’s and prospecting become much easier.

The majority of people you call with or without Mojo, are going to reject what you’re offering. But there will be plenty more who say yes and every yes is potential money in your pocket. And with the Mojo Dialer, getting to the yes answers happens faster and more often than any other dialing system.

“I mean had one guy last week who just said, ‘F-You.’ You know real calmly,” says James Festini, coach and top producer with Century 21 in Temecula, Calif. “And I just said, ‘Well thank you very much for your time.’ It’s not like they are going to reach through the phone or slash your tires, so physically there’s no threat, so it’s the emotional and psychological threat that you go through.”

That being the case, he adds, why is it we still put more weight into a complete stranger saying no, than we do our spouses or significant others being mad at us, for instance?

“I should care more that my wife just hung up on me than the jerk I just got hung up on,” he says. “There’s always another one when it comes to the phone numbers. If you go to the Mojo lead store and you download your entire town, and you scrub with the do not call list and you’ve got 20,000 or 30,000 phone numbers. If you have that, then there’s no reason why when you get a no, you can’t just say, ‘next.'”

Not to mention, you don’t know these people. They don’t know you. Outside of the context of this very brief exchange, this person has no bearing or weight on your life, your worth or your abilities as an agent. All they did was say no, they weren’t selling their house. Okay. In the grand scheme of things, what does one or one hundred simple no’s matter? They don’t. This person is just not selling his or her house. They are not rejecting you.

Again, it’s a numbers game. You are going to get a weirdo, you are going to get a jerk, if you do a hundred contacts a day for a year like Festini does, you are going to walk a numbers path that will ultimately lead you to at least one that will rattle your cage.  But by the same law of numbers, you will have those sweet moments of success. But not if you don’t try.

Knowing who to call

Who do I call with the Mojo Dialer

First of all, know this, you are going to sound terrible on your first day of prospecting. You will get flustered. You will get bored. You will get rejected. And someone, eventually, will tell you where to stick your just sold and likely insult your mother in the process. These things will happen.  And when they do, be assured, the world will not end. Your job will still be there, you’ll go back to your real life when you hang up and your kids will still love you.

One of the biggest fears you need to overcome is not knowing who to call. But that’s really an easy one. Start with your sphere of influence and past clients. They know you, they like you and if interested, they will go with you for the listing.

Once you’ve done that, expand your sphere. This is equally easy since you have an opportunity to do this every time you go out into the world.  Strike up conversations with the person cutting your hair, servicing your car or sitting next to you at a kid’s dance recital. Consider coaching a local team or joining clubs and civic organizations in your area; sometimes just being a member of the same organization can give you a leg up or at least a second thought from the person on the other end of the phone.

Now that you’ve got your list, keep it in the Mojo Dialer and prospecting system and set up recurring follow-up calls for them. Whether you decide to call them every quarter, every six months or even just once a year, keep your name in front of them. That way even if they don’t have something cooking, when they hear of someone else who does, you are top of mind. The best part, Mojo automates the entire process, all you do is call in to our system, and technology does the calling- ensuring you’re calling the right contacts, when you want to call them.

Next, fill your lists with contacts from our Neighborhood Search. There are a myriad of contacts waiting at your fingertips, with a few strokes of your mouse, they are organized in individual calling lists, ready to be called.

“That’s what I love so much about the Mojo,” says Brett Tanner, agent and industry leader with the Brett Tanner Home Selling Team in Mesa, AZ.  “Because they’ve solved the who. You can go to the Lead Store and you can get expireds, get just solds, you’ve got options there that will tell you who to call.”

The Mojo Expired Data Service has complete off-market data including expired, cancelled and withdrawn properties. These leads are delivered daily. This service also updates the listing status of your properties so you are working only callable properties. Similarly, Mojo’s For Sale by Owner service includes real time and aged data gathered from more than 30 sources.

Furthermore, if you have one or a batch of addresses and zip codes, Mojo’s Skip Tracer service will retrieve the numbers for you to fill up you database. Likewise, you can create a call list with Mojo’s Free Form Geographical plotting webpage. This is great for circle prospecting neighborhoods awash in just listeds and just solds or gathering data for an entire municipalities a few thousand numbers at a time.

Prospecting can be stressful and unpleasant, but it doesn’t have to be the boogeymen we all make it out to be at times.  The first step to wrapping your mind around that concept and believing it is understanding that everyone has these fears.  You are not unique. The call reluctance, the conversation going on in your head telling you that you can’t do this, the temptation of distraction–everyone has these challenges. Just understand that the ones who succeed are the ones who don’t use it as an excuse.

Knowing what to say

Mojo Dialer scripts

Remember the first time you talked to your significant other? Or maybe even your best friend? At first, you may have worried about what to say or how to approach that person. But then you just did it. You launched into it and before too long, you slipped into conversation and it just flowed. It seemed almost, effortless.

Prospecting can be that way too. Really. Yes, there are initial doubts and reservations, but if you just start, just jump in, your training will take over and the conversation can be just like talking to an old friend.

It’s just a conversation. Let’s break it down.

To start with, there are literally thousands of scripts out there you can use to help you get the basics down. We offer dozens in our upcoming book Prospecting: The Art and Science of A Winning Strategy, we also preload the Mojo Dialer with a few scripts for each lead type. Practice them, do a little role-playing and then get on the phone and do it for real. Because truly that is the only way to get good on the phone; the only way to master the art of prospecting.

Sometimes though, you can start with something as simple as “Hi, I’m Jane Doe, I work for XYZ Realty, are you interested in selling your house?”

It’s not a sexy script, granted. But push comes to shove, when your brain goes fuzzy and you find yourself at a loss for how to start or where to go your script can be that simple. And what’s more, if you ask 500 people that simple question, someone will say yes.

Nobody sounds good on their first day. But if you call three hours a day after 90 days of calling you’re going to sound like a pro. It will seem effortless. You will have heard most everything you are going to hear and will know how to handle it, so there will be few if any surprises to shake you.

Furthermore,  over time you develop your scripts, you develop your confidence, and in that way you grow towards mastery,” says industry leader Craig Reger, with Craig Reger Group Realtors.

“And at that point, certainly your closing ratios and conversion ratios and appointment ratios will go up exponentially,” he says.

It’s all about confidence. And by doing it a lot, you’re going to get good at it. Reger likens it to going to the gym.  If you just start going to the gym after you haven’t been for five years, you aren’t going to be the guy squatting 600 lbs. and knowing how to use every machine because there’s a lot of complicated stuff there. But say instead, you just go on the treadmill, and you do that for a half hour for 30 days straight; at day 31, likely you’re looking pretty fit and feeling pretty proud of yourself and oh by the way you’ve probably learned a couple other pieces of machinery just from watching other people or doing it and you’ve added to your arsenal- using the Mojo Dialer is no different.

“And that’s how I look at lead generation,” he says. “Just start. Have one or two scripts. And as you get consistent– and I don’t mean you do it once and then you don’t do it again for three more weeks, it’s like do it for 60 days in a row, Monday through Friday 9 to 11, and tell me on day 61 you haven’t internalized the script, added to it and by the way have success and confidence.”

We hope you these tips helpful. The difference between being successful on the phone and giving up, has always been being able to accept no for an answer, knowing who to call and what to say when you call them. Once you’re solid in these three areas, it’s a matter of firing up the Mojo Dialer and pressing the start calling button.

A big thanks to Brett, James and Craig for being part of the contributing team behind our upcoming prospecting book Prospecting: The Art and Science of A Winning Strategy.

Mojo Selling Solutions has been the industry leader in Power Dialer technology in Real Estate since first introducing the Mojo Dialer in 2007. Since then, Mojo has added many prospecting tools to the Real Estate agents arsenal including Real Estate lead data, hosted web-based lead management tools and a suite of mobile products designed to keep agents productive on the go.