Bringing Mojo to San Jose

Every day I share with people what Mojo can do for them and ultimately, their business goals.  Altogether it’s not too difficult a job, relying on rudimentary sales principles: identifying needs, offering solutions and if the two jive, we walk away with a great business relationship.
On February 7, I had the opportunity to travel to the West Coast for the first time so I could share the Mojo experience in-person.  I took a plane ride from Manchester, NH to Chicago, IL and then I was off to San Jose, CA to Tom Ferry’s Business by Design 3-day event. Face-to-face, to the thousands passing by our booth, I had the responsibility of conveying  a software-based triple-line power dialing and lead management program capable of emailing, dropping prerecorded messages on answering machines, and CID substitution.
Regardless of how daunting of a task that sounds, I don’t think it could have turned out better.  With the help of everyone at the event, from those on Tom’s team to the staff at the San Jose Convention Center, the experience was certainly one worth writing home to Mom about.

On Facebook.
One fact I learned from Tom Ferry: the fastest growing demographic of Facebook users are women over 55.  Now it makes sense to me why my mom, sister, aunts, and their friends are all getting down on FB like they are.  Their lives are hectic so time is of value.  Social networking appeals to the busy lifestyle; texting “hi” is easier than taking five minutes out of your day to try to catch a person by phone.  Our lives today require not just instant communications, but convenient and reliable ones.  That’s why Facebook and Twitter are becoming staples of our daily lives. That’s also why Mojo is becoming the experience thousands of people are counting on every day make their day-to-day operations more reliable and convenient.
While I’m not a real estate professional, I took away an enormous amount of insight in just the few moments I was able to catch what Tom had to share.  Not only was he able to keep my ear to the ground in regards to what’s going on in social media, I also gained knowledge from web design and internet practices to how choosing your interactions with those around you helps better enable you to become the master of the market you’re in, not a victim of it.
The highlight of the trip was meeting people who already had their Mojo.  Michaelangelo Guevara was attending the Business by Design event and I had set up a Mojo account with him a week or two prior to the San Jose event. He let me know that within the first two days of using Mojo, he landed a listing appointment for a house valued at $2.2 million.  The look of excitement was clear on his face; he knew what having his Mojo was all about.  His experience made me think, though, if that was the 79th call in a list and he became too frustrated with hand-dialing by call 78 of that day, would he still have had the same look on his face?
Michaelangelo is like most professionals out there – looking for solutions that will stand up in today’s business world and keep them on track to where they want to be in a year, as well as a decade, from now.  So many of the people at Tom Ferry’s Business by Design mega-event were looking for the same solutions.

They all walked away with that, and a little Mojo.

~ Josh