Answering Machine Tips

Many agents do not find leaving a message useful but it can generate a call back from a lead you may never have reached otherwise. Mojo is best used for making live contact with your prospects, but you do have the option to leave voicemail messages when an answering machine gets connected to you. Here are some helpful tips for recording an effective answering machine message:

Keep it short and simple

Your message should not be more than 30 seconds, especially if you do not want the answering machine to cut off your words. Nothing is worse than giving a great pitch and having the machine cut you off!

Speak clearly and evenly

We all know that answering machines are not the most sophisticated recording devices out there, so make sure your message is clear and even. It might take a few tries but, once you get it right, you will never have to do it again!

Hit the ‘hot buttons’

Every word counts when you only have 30 seconds and some words carry more weight than others. ‘Free’ and ‘affordable’ are powerful words because they grab people’s attention, but these ‘hot button’ words may not apply to your business so use the right words for your audience. Other powerful words include: ‘low price’,’quick’, ‘easy’,’guaranteed’,and ‘trusted’.

Offer the solution

Make sure to mention how you can be the solution to a problem they have,  it may not look like a problem on the outside but you are calling because you have a solution to something in their life. A real estate agent is solving their problem of buying or selling a home. An insurance agent is solving their problem of lacking coverage or lowering high premium costs. A mortgage broker is solving their problem by providing them with a mortgage or a better rate. Think of how you can solve their problem and incorporate it into your message.

Leave them wanting more

You always want to leave prospects wanting more. It prompts them to call you to find out more information. Your message should convey what you can do for them but, if they want specifics, they will have to call and speak with you.

Own your words

Write a script incorporating everything you want to say and practice, practice, practice! You do not want to actually read from it, but you should know what you wan

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