Three overlooked power features of the Mojo Real Estate Dialer

real estate prospecting with Mojo DialerSmart Real Estate prospecting with these 3 often overlooked features of the Mojo Dialer.

The Mojo Dialer and real estate prospecting services are all about making you as efficient and productive as possible. It is loaded with time saving features designed to cut out the drudgery of the sales and lead management process. In this post, we wanted to highlight 3 features in Mojo our customers get giddy about when utilized. These features are often overlooked, but make no mistake about it; these 3 features polish the power dialer and help make Real Estate prospecting a breeze.

1. Click to Call

Okay, you probably got Mojo to blaze through a list of leads, to find the gold nuggets worthy of your time, right? Makes sense, hand dialing is awfully slow, and well, sitting and waiting for the deals to happen won’t work either. This is what we hear from new clients coming on to the Mojo prospecting system. They are gung-ho to begin peeling those gold nuggets from their lists of off market properties, past clients and just listed/just sold data. Sales is a numbers game, right? I don’t need to follow-up.

Yes… and no.

That same customer who came to use looking for the gold nuggets, begins to realize the effort they are putting in to finding the gold nuggets, also generates a ton of warm leads. These are the leads worthy of follow-up, who need just a few bumps to be the gold nugget they were originally prospecting for. Yes, they are doing good, old-fashioned follow up.

Click to Call makes this follow-up a breeze! Follow-up calls are placed in the follow-up planner of the Mojo Calendar. Automating these calls is as easy as initiating click to call from the first record to be called. From there, they simply click the phone located on each record, and the Mojo Dialer will place a single call to the lead. This is great because it allows the agent to fully investigate their previous notes, and property or contact details before they make the call. Oh, it’s a fingertip saver also:)

Bottom-line: Mojo customers are making their follow-up calls, and turning their warm leads in to gold nuggets, and those gold nuggets in to listings and sales! You can check out our follow up video here.


2. Quick Call Back

You’re logged in to the Mojo Dialer, real estate prospecting at up to 300 calls per hour: you’re in your groove. Your pitch is fine-tuned, you’re totally engaged, you’re a machine. Then, someone asks you to call them back in 10 minutes.


That can’t be! I’m calling, pitching, determining yes or no. I don’t have time for “Call me back in 10 minutes”. It is ruining my Mojo! I have to set a reminder, by writing it down or by setting a computer based alert, I have to wait for the time to come,  log out of my dialing session, call the person using my desk or cell phone, and then log back in the dialer and resume where I left off… Right?

Heck no! Well, not with Mojo anyway. We came out with our quick call back feature 2 years ago, and agents absolutely LOVE IT once they figure out where to find it.

The quick call back feature allows agents to easily schedule same day call backs from the main dialing screen in intervals of 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. Once the quick call back is set, the Mojo Dialer keeps track of the time, and when the quick call back is due, the system automatically pauses the current power dialing session and places the call. When you’ve completed the call, our system automatically restarts your original power dialing session.

Bottom-line: You can schedule your quick call backs, without doing anything more than a button click, and the Mojo Dialing System will pass it up to you when it is due. You keep your momentum, your lead is blown away by your follow up skills, and you pitch your next listing or sale!


3. Status Change Date Filter

Real Estate prospecting revolves around the status change date (or sometimes the off-market/expired date). It represents the day a property changes status. It could be from active to expired, or it could be from expired to active.  A property changing to an off market status such as expired, is a great lead for a real estate agent to call on. In fact, an entire lead industry was built on it. A property changing from expired to active, is a property that is now off-limits. Meaning, you can’t call on it without risking a slap from your MLS.

Okay, so how does the status change date filter make the top 3 overlooked features of the Mojo Dialer?

Many real estate agents struggled with managing their properties in other dialer/lead management systems before switching to Mojo. This is because the Mojo Dialer treats properties as unique records, and dynamically updates contacts on the properties as changes occur; property addresses don’t change, people do. So, when an agent imports, or has their property data posted to a dialer, it is very important no duplicates exists. This is to prevent ‘cross pollination’ of properties existing in the database, so no one ends up calling on a property that is active. Additionally, the agent can see the entire property history on the ‘one’ property record and it gives them insight on the listing status change history for the property, valuable information when pitching a listing appointment.

Here is the issue with the ‘one property’ approach, and the pain our status change date filter eliminates.

Other dialing systems inherently dial from most recent contact/property to the oldest, in that order. If you are dialing expired leads in August, and one of the properties you imported last January has just expired again in August, you would need to dial through ALL of the expired properties from August back to when the property first came in to your dialer, before you called that fresh expired. Wow, that is a mouthful!

With Mojo’s status change date filter, our real estate dialer doesn’t care when the property was first entered in your system, it doesn’t care about the create date of the record, it ONLY looks at status change date. This ensures you are ONLY calling on the MOST RECENT expired or off-market properties.

Bottom-line: Our real estate driven dialing logic is the easiest to use, most powerful dialing logic available!

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