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Mojo CRM is a powerful prospecting platform with a lightweight design, featuring an industry leading Dialer, Lead Services, Mobile Applications, and more.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

“Sales is a numbers game. It is a Contact sport. Mojo is part of my team because I have to win”

– James Festini, CA

“Mojo is not only the best sales dialer, but the best CRM on the Planet! Every top producer I know uses it and you would be crazy not to!”

– Colton Lindsay, UT

“...Mojo has launched me into contact with hundreds of potential buyers and sellers at the push of a button. You go Mojo!”

– Tom Braithwaite, CA

“I love your program and especially your support... I actually enjoy prospecting again!”

– Tom Conway, CA

“I cannot say enough about the Mojo system! I contact more people in an hour than most agents contact in a week!”

– Angela Centofanti, OH

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  • Mojo Dialer
  • Mojo Data
  • Mojo Marketing
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  • Mojo Mobile
  • Door Knocker

Mojo CRM

Manage Leads, Contacts, and your sales pipeline while taking decisive action using our user-friendly Mojo CRM.

  • Construct your database effortlessly by importing data, subscribing to our diverse lead offerings, or automating data posting from our preferred lead partners. Streamline the organization of your calling lists, custom groups, and personalized workflows. Efficiently manage tasks, follow-up calls, and appointments with Mojo's intuitive calendar and scheduling tools. Boost productivity by seamlessly integrating Mojo with various partner platforms, including Boomtown, Wise Agent, Follow Up Boss, Top Producer, Zapier, API Nation, and more.
  • Mojo is your pipeline mission control center.

Mojo Dialer

The ultimate prospecting tool from the leader in sales telephony technology.

  • Discover unparalleled call quality and FAST first hello responses with our exclusive copper-based technology. Streamline your calling experience with easy call modes and advanced filters that provide instant access to popular sales calling strategies. Take control of your outreach with the convenience of Click to Call, facilitating semi-manual list and nurture dialing.
  • Let the Mojo Dialer elevate your sales and communication game.

Mojo Data

Unlock a Goldmine of Real Estate Opportunities with our Comprehensive Lead and Data services.

  • Tap into a wealth of real estate opportunities by accessing expired and off-market leads featuring contact details. Acquire reliable For Sale By Owner leads and receive instant, real-time For Rent by Owner leads.
  • Leverage our Neighborhood Search geo data and user-friendly map interface to create immediate calling/mailing lists. Our Skip Tracer facilitates a reverse lookup for missing contact details, while pre-foreclosure data presents a lucrative opportunity to aid distressed homeowners.
  • Transform your real estate lead strategy and maximize every prospect with our dynamic suite of services.
*All Mojo data includes optional, complimentary National Do Not Call scrubbing (U.S. Data only)

Mojo Marketing

Utilize Robust Marketing Tools to Effectively Communicate with your Database, Nurture Relationships and Convert Leads and Past Clients.

  • Streamline your communication processes with Mojo's versatile features. Easily generate letters and labels, allowing for convenient scheduling and direct printing directly from the platform. Craft polished, professional email templates for seamless communication with your database, offering options like click-to-send, auto-send, and drip emailing.
  • Take your efficiency to the next level by automating lead and database follow-ups as well as transaction tasks through Mojo's Action Plans. These plans include follow-up calls, task assignments, marketing letters, and drip email campaigns, ensuring a comprehensive and time-saving approach to managing your real estate workflow.
  • Let Mojo make you the celebrity in the households of your potential clients.

Mojo Dashboard

Achieve Great Success Using our Robust Prospecting Dashboard, Tracking Individual and Team Performance, Ensuring Goals are Reached Effectively.

  • Effortlessly manage your prospecting goals on any device using the Prospecting Dashboard. Monitor and track personal or team objectives in real-time, staying motivated with detailed metrics and fostering accountability through the Team Leaderboard function. Navigate your prospecting journey confidently with the Mojo Prospecting Dashboard, gaining insights into your destination, confirming your course, and tracking your progress with clarity.

Mojo Mobile

Boost your productivity on the go with our prospecting apps for iOS and Android devices, keeping you seamlessly up-to-date.

  • Supercharge your real estate endeavors with Mojo's mobile apps. Use the Door Knocker App for real-time updates while door knocking for listings. Crush your goals and stay ahead in prospecting leagues with the Mojo Dashboard on your preferred device. Manage appointments, tasks, and contacts on the go. Prospect effortlessly with the Mojo Dialer mobile app. Identify callers with our exclusive Mojo ID feature, eliminating blind call-backs. Elevate your real estate game with Mojo's mobile solutions.

Door Knocker

Introducing Door Knocker, a must-have app for the ultimate prospector.

* Available for Mojo customers with Neighborhood Search or Skip Tracer data subscriptions.

The Right Features To:

  • No delay on "Hello", giving you the most professional first impression with our leads.
  • Easy calling modes to automate the most popular dial plans including start where you last left off, for you and your team.
  • Optional dialing filters let you easily customize your dialing sessions so you can focus on pitching, not list management.
  • Drop pre-recorded voicemail messages with a push of the button.
  • Critique yourself or your agents with Mojo’s digital call recording.
  • Protect yourself from calling across time zones with our Zone Guard.
  • Use Call Hammer to saturate every lead by dialing every available phone number before moving on to the next lead.
  • Review key dialing performance indicators via Mojo’s extensive report options.
  • Simple to use – you will be smiling and dialing in no time at all thanks to a short learning curve and the industries best customer support.
  • Much much more
  • For Rent by Owner Leads - Our high quality real-time leads integrated with the Mojo dialer and available across the Mojo cloud. Available in US only.
  • Just Listed/Just Sold and Cold Calling Data - Create instant calling lists using our Neighborhood Search with free-form plotting, radius plotting and street search. Go Enhanced and get the property details for each property in your list and target high-yield properties using enhanced search filters such as absentee owner, multi-family, high equity and vacant properties.
  • Skip Tracer Phone Service - Search the name and phone number for any address, either single record searches or batch calling list searches, and append all of your records with incomplete or missing contact information.*
  • Pre-Foreclosure Data - Receive up-to-date pre-foreclosure and auction data for properties in your area. You’ll have all the information at your fingerprints to help distressed homeowners find solutions. (US Data Only)

*DNC scrubbed for U.S data with complimentary 30 day scrub on previously scrubbed data (optional)

  • Reminder alerts by email and on your device ensures that you don't miss an important call back or appointment.
  • Much much more.
  • Never miss a task with Mojo’s cloud notification system.
  • Customizable Q&A lead sheets for collecting valuable call details by you or your agents to be referenced after call or to be sent to the producers on your sales team.
  • Hot sheets for printing, emailing, or saving contact details, notes and property details. Great for sending to other agents on your team or to reference during face-to-face appointments.
  • Mojo will even notify you when someone has opened an email so you can react when the prospect is hot.
  • Once you’ve qualified a lead, ensuring you follow-up is a breeze with Mojo’s Activities Planner. Automate your follow-up calls, batch print marketing letters, complete scheduled tasks and more.
  • Auto-send emails based on call outcomes.
  • Much much more.
  • Connect Mojo to your Vulcan7, Redx, My +Plus Leads, Cole Realty and Telelisting data accounts and receive leads to the Mojo dialer automatically without the drudgery of importing data files.

Learn about the various products from Mojo Dialing Solutions.

  • Learn about the Mojo Prospecting System
  • Neighborhood Search Demonstration
  • Mojo Prospecting Dashboard
Learn about the Mojo Prospecting System
Neighborhood Search Demonstration
Mojo Prospecting Dashboard

Integrations with Mojo

Premium IntegrationsAchieve pure integration bliss. Access to these platforms is available right within Mojo via iFrame where users can access their CRM directly:

For information on the Boomtown CRM, please visit

For information on the Real Geeks CRM, please visit

Standard IntegrationsAllow for pushing and/or pulling of data to and from Mojo via API. There is no iFrame available in Mojo for direct access:

For more information on the Follow Up Boss CRM, please visit

For more information on the Mailchimp email marketing system please visit

For more information about Zillow, please visit

MiddlewareAllows you to connect Mojo to virtually any other platform if they interface with the same middleware companies as Mojo. There are many powerful connections that can be set up:

For more information about APINation, please visit

For more information about Zapier, please visit


The Best Price for Your Business

We know affordability is important to your business.
MONTH-to-MONTH recurring subscription with NO CONTRACTS
Cancel anytime
Mojo's Menu Pricing
  • Single User
  • Team
Choose a Dialer License

Single Line Dialer

$99 per license
  • Mojo CRM
  • Copper Based Hosted Dialer with First Hello Technology
  • Pre Recorded Answering Machine Message Drops
  • Multiple Caller ID Broadcast

Great for Dialing Targeted contact lists and introducing prospecting into your daily habit

Triple Line Dialer

$149 per license
  • Mojo CRM
  • All the features of the single line power dialer plus two additional dialing lines
  • Lightning fast live answer detection

Throttle your dialing between single, double and triple line dialing. Flexible enough for the widest range of prospecting needs.

Mojo Lead Store

* Mojo Lead Store data is only available in the United States

Neighborhood Search

$49 per month

For Rent by Owner

$25 per month per county

Expired Data

$50 per month per area


$25 per month per county

Skip Tracer

$49 per month


$49 per month per county
Start Here

Mojo CRM

$10 per user
  • Manage Multiple Users
  • Multiple Agent Permission Levels
  • Agent Reporting
  • Team Performance Dashboard
Choose a Dialer License

Single Line Dialer

$89 per license
  • Copper Based Hosted Dialer with First Hello Technology
  • Pre Recorded Answering Machine Message Drops
  • Improved Contact Rates with Complimentary Caller ID Whitelisting

Great for Dialing Targeted contact lists and introducing prospecting into your daily habit

Triple Line Dialer

$139 per license
  • All the features of the single line power dialer plus two additional dialing lines
  • Lightning fast live answer detection

Throttle your dialing between single, double and triple line dialing. Flexible enough for the widest range of prospecting needs.

Mojo Lead Store

* Mojo Lead Store data is only available in the United States

Neighborhood Search

$49 per month

For Rent by Owner

$25 per month per county

Expired Data

$50 per month per area


$25 per month per county

Skip Tracer

$49 per month


$49 per month per county

The Mojo Prospecting System is Supported by a Dedicated and Professional Support Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mojo is a premium Dialing System and Lead Generation platform that helps motivated salespeople quickly and efficiently target leads and make calls, while also taking advantage of full lead management. With our Quality lead offerings, Unique Dialing system and Reasonable Pricing; Mojo is considered the industry’s leading Power Dialer and Lead Generation services with a huge customer base!

The Mojo Power Dialer operates on a copper-wire infrastructure similar to an old school phone company to give the best call quality which will reduce delays and other call quality issues associated with other dialers that rely on an internet connection to call.

To use the Mojo Power Dialer, you make one outbound call from any reliable phone into the Mojo platform. Once connected system begins dialing the numbers in your list. When a lead answers you hear them immediately because you are on an open line through the session.

You will control the progress through the list with the Power Dialer interface on the website that tells our dialer servers what phone numbers to dial next. You won't even hear the ringing making long prospecting sessions much more pleasant. Numbers that ring busy, are disconnected or don’t get picked up, roll over to the next number automatically without manual input and when you run into an answering machine you will be able to drop pre-recorded messages saving you a ton of time!

To use Mojo, you will need a PC with any version of Windows form XP to 10, or a Mac running OS 10.05 or higher, and a minimum 2GB of Ram. To have the best possible experience using Mojo, make sure you are using the most current version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Mojo will NOT work on Internet Explorer. You will need a reliable high-speed Internet connection (WIFI or cable) to log in to the website.

Lastly you will need a reliable third-party phone source to call into the dialing system. This can be a land line phone, a mobile phone or even a VoIP line (although we cannot guaranty the call quality when using a VoIP service).

Real Estate Agents and Investors account for approximately 95% of Mojo’s customer base. Although we do have some services geared to the real estate industry, the Mojo Power Dialer and Mojo CRM system can be beneficial to any industry that uses prospecting via the phone or frequent contact with an established clientele as part of their business: like Mortgage, Insurance, Home Improvement, Political Marketing, Debt Collectors, Charity Organizations, and many more.

Mojo has tools to make the most of every live answer and helps users easily take notes, schedule follow-up calls, set appointments, and tasks. Contacts can be grouped by level of interest to keep leads organized and later follow up accordingly. To tie everything together, we offer the ability for users to create action plans within Mojo, to create pre-scheduled follow-up activities like calls, drip emails, printing letters and tasks to complete so that no qualified lead or contact falls through the cracks!

Yes! Mojo is a one stop shop! Our Leadstore currently has 5 data subscriptions available to our US customers and includes optional US Federal DNC scrubbing updated monthly.

Prospect residential areas using Mojo’s free form map plotting or street search. It’s perfect for those that want to prospect around specific areas. The system shades areas already plotted to help prevent data duplication. Target very specific property types and attributes using our powerful data filters.

This Subscription offers the ability to search 25,000 records monthly, anywhere in the US for $49 per month. The data includes Tax and Deed property information, mortgage information, owner information, landline phones, mobile phones, and email (all where available). Neighborhood Search is a versatile subscription used by many seasoned agents from a variety of industries including Real Estate and Real Estate Investing.

Why not let Mojo do the leg work for you? We collect quality For Sale By Owner information from publicly posted ads by filtering out bogus and realtor submitted data. FSBO data is delivered clean to your Mojo properties calling list in real-time and is ready to call as soon as it is posted. Users have the ability to filter our FSBO Data by price range, property type and city/zip code, ensures you receive only the data you want and none of it you don’t want, eliminating the need to purify your list before dialing.

This Subscription is $25 a month per county, you will receive the previous 90 days of data for that county upon purchase as a jumping off point. Multiple counties require multiple subscriptions.

For Rent By Owner data is pulled directly from many online sources and includes up-to-date for rent by owner leads. These are filtered so that best leads are posted in real-time and are ready to call as soon as they enter your Mojo account. Data includes property address, owner name, phone numbers and email, where available.

This Subscription is $25 a month per county. Multiple counties require multiple subscriptions.

Mojo’s Skip Tracer uses your addresses (street, city, state, zip), to reverse look up the corresponding contact name, landline, mobile phone and email for the address provided. With the subscription users can easily perform one-by-one or batch lookups on an entire list of data. The subscription is unlimited searches anywhere in the US for $49 per month.

Skip Tracer is also a great companion subscription to third-party data imported into Mojo because it allows users to perform single lookups from a contact’s record when that lead provider’s data delivers a bad contact or phone number.

The Mojo Expired Data service is a complete off-market data solution delivering high quality Expired, Cancelled and Withdrawn properties directly into your Mojo Dialer.

This subscription is $50 a month per area. The area is a 50-mile radius circle around a central zip-code you select. Mojo appends contact information for your properties.

Pre-foreclosure leads provide a lucrative opportunity for you to help distressed homeowners. These homeowners are motivated to list their homes with Real Estate Agents or to sell directly to real estate investors.

Our pre-foreclosure leads come direct from the county and are delivered weekly within the Mojo system. Information includes property details, owner details, financial details and contact information including landlines, mobile phones and email (where available).

This Subscription is $49 a month per county.

Yes! Mojo is an open platform! You can import leads from different third-party vendors that suit your prospecting goals. We take automatic vendor lead posting (no data file import required) from data vendors like Vulcan7, The Redx, My Plus Leads, Landvoice, Cole’s Realty, Telelisting and Kunversion. We integrate with programs like Boomtown, Commissions Inc., Infusionsoft, Top Producer, Wise Agent, Follow Up Boss, Real Geeks, and more. We also have integrations with the bridging platforms; Zapier, API Nation and PieSync to link your Mojo to other platforms we don’t already have a direct integration with!

Mojo is a pre-paid month to month service with an à-la-carte pricing structure, so you can pick what features conform to your business and prospecting goals. Services are never bundled so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with subscriptions you don’t need. We also don't have contracts; your only commitment is to the month you’ve subscribed to. If you find Mojo isn't the right fit for your business, you can cancel at any time before your next billing date and you won’t have the recurring charge.

A team can be managed under one owner account. You would start out with Mojo CRM logins for the yourself and each agent. This will allow each team member account access regardless if dialer is in use and will ensure workflow is tracked by user login (notes, reports, activities, etc.) It will also allow the owner to assign permission levels to manage workflow among the team, without worry of anyone stepping on each other’s toes.

The amount of Dialer Licenses your team will need is determined by how many agents will be dialing simultaneously. Mojo’s Rover Dialer functionality allows you to 'share' a dialing license among agents in environments where shift work is happening or on teams where not all members of the team need to dial at the same time. The Leadstore subscriptions are not agent specific so they may be shared by the team.

Mojo’s latest feature is a tool to set, track and monitor prospecting goals for individual agents and team accounts. The Prospecting Dashboard will let you have detailed analytics measuring your progress based on dialing time, calls made, contacts made and appointment set. You can see these analytics for the day, past 7 days, or 30 days. This is helpful to evaluate and identify strategies you need to improve performance.

The Team leader board allows teams to compare key performance indicators to elevate a team’s performance. The Prospecting Dashboard’s Leagues allow individual agents and teams join together and compare results with other Mojo users to promote some friendly competition.

Mojo on the GO! is a companion application to our web-based Mojo service. Using Mojo on the Go! on an iPad, iPhone or Android device, users can manage their leads; make notes, set appointments and power dial at up to 300 calls per hour! Easily one of the most valuable tools in the prospectors' arsenal.

Mojo ID is an advanced caller ID feature of Mojo on the Go! available for Apple devices. When one of your prospects returns a call, your mobile device will populate with an image of your prospect’s information, so you are armed with the 'hot points' before you accept the call. No more blind call backs, closing appointments and sales just got a whole lot easier!

Mojo is a user-friendly platform with different learning styles covered. Our support portal has a Knowledge library, How-To videos and Quick tip videos for those self-starters. We also hold live training webinars, held twice daily Mondays through Fridays at 11:00 am EST and 4:00 pm EST. Here one of our trainers will go through a fast track into prospecting with Mojo. Everyone has questions that need to be answered or a little help going in the right direction. For this, we also have a fantastic support team available Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST.

No, you can’t factor out human interaction. Mojo is an attended dialing system where you engaged throughout the session. Our First Hello Technology means as that when a lead answers they will receive an instant greeting from an agent rather than dead air caused by other dialer technologies. Giving users a great person to person connection when interacting with their leads.

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Mojo Dialing Solutions is the leading provider of on-demand lead acquisition and Mojo CRM.
Mojo's humble beginnings trace back to a small company nestled in a tranquil New Hampshire ski town. Fast forward 15 years, and our once-sleepy town has transformed into a vibrant hub of activity. Today, Mojo's presence extends far beyond local borders, with offices established in multiple countries across the globe.

With an average tenure of 10 years, our supremely dedicated employees at Mojo are ready to support you with the best knowledge and care possible.

Our cutting edge Mojo CRM, data services, and dialing technology have been developed and honed with extensive client input since 2008.
Being a true development company, we are constantly innovating and improving our services to better serve our clients.
We serve customers in a wide variety of industries, you should be one of them!
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