Mojo Power Dialer turns mild-mannered real estate agents into top-producing, listing superheros.

Agents throughout the U.S. and Canada have discovered Mojo, the complete auto-dialing and lead management system. They load their Expired, FSBO, SOI and just listed/just sold leads into Mojo Auto Dialer and blaze away at up to 300 calls per hour, making as many as 100 contacts in just a couple hours. Some agents are doubling or tripling their listings by simply prospecting with Mojo for 5 hours per week! And Mojo Power Dialer tracks all leads from cradle to grave so that not one lead falls through the cracks. It�s simple; sync or import your leads in Mojo, dial in to our system using ANY phone and you�re rockin�!

Ask yourself "What would 100 new contacts do for my business?

Leading coaches agree... to be successful in Real Estate, you MUST prospect. And Mojo is the tool most recommended by the top coaching schools. Prospecting for listings can be a predictable numbers game. Mojo gives you the tools you need to play the game at the top level, all in one easy-to-use package.

Triple Line Power Dialer

Lead Store

Live Lead Alert

Being the first to contact new Expireds in your market is EASY when you have a power-dialer that is synced with the major lead providers and that allows you to blaze away at up to 300 calls per hour. Following up with your leads will never be the same. Advanced call logic and dynamic deal flow ensures that none of your leads fall through the cracks. Our system will make you up to 400% more productive on the phone.

We spent countless hours with Real Estate agents working on ways to best serve your industry. This gave birth to the Lead Store with Neighborhood Search. This feature gives you the ability to make targeted just listed/just sold calling lists right from within Mojo; using state of the art mapping and radius search technology. This feature is optional and can be purchased for a one-time fee of only $199!

Respond to buyer leads from your website or IDX system using our Live Lead Alert! Not only is your new lead instantly inserted in to your database and calling list, but you will be notified by text that you have a new lead with all the lead details. You will then be called on up to 3 phones to be connected to the new lead�best of all� all of the activity is recorded within Mojo. Buyers need instant gratification. With Live Lead Alert, you�ll deliver!